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No news is bad news.
Saturday, March 27, 2004 by TDA
Considering the last news post was nearly 2 years ago, I've decided that I should actually do something to the QuakeDev site after all this time. So I've updated the page just a tad by changing the news posting script. If anyone wants to be a news poster let me know with a private message on the DCEmu forums.

For a more up to date page check
Feel free to contribute to that open community based website too. :)

Bulldog Stadium Released!
Monday, September 23, 2002 by TDA
As Ajay said in this topic...

"As the subject says, it's ready to go.

You'll need to download an additional 1.5mb file of Dreamcast-specific files to get the thing working with QuakeDc, and I would reccomend reading both the generic readme.txt, and the Dreamcast Manual before playing and burning etc.

Anyway hope y'all enjoy it, feedback and high scores welcome!"

You can download it and get more information from Ajay's Quake Site.

If you know you want it and want to go straight to the downloads you can get it from the mirror here on QuakeDev

Ajay's interviews
Thursday, April 4, 2002 by TDA
In what I expect to be just the start of a series... Ajay, creator of Raptors & the forthcoming Raptors 2 mods for Quake/QuakeDC, has interviewed another star of the QuakeDC community, Fragger. You can view the interview by going to this page on Ajay's site.

JoyMenu 1.3 released
Thursday, April 4, 2002 by TDA
To copy some news from a few days ago on DCemu...

Fragger has released a new version of his menu for QuakeDC, here's what he had to say about it:

"JoyMenu 1.3 is out. I wasn't expecting to release a new version so soon, but having a single player map list and being able to play with up to 15 bots makes a big difference.

Some of the other improvements are a JoyConsole-like menu that allows you to edit your name easily, and the possibility to use the jump and attack buttons (L/R on the DC d-pad) to fast scroll through the JoyConsole characters.

There's also bugfixes for FrikBot X, workarounds for the engine bugs in deathmatch, and the loading saves bug caused by FrikQCC is fixed now.

The JoyMenu-related sections of this site aren't updated yet because I'm with no time now. I'll update them as soon as possible.

If you'd like to download JoyMenu 1.3, you can pick it up from The Fragger's Place.

Dreamcast QuakeDev site's forum
Friday, March 22, 2002 by TDA
For those that havent noticed... The site's forum is gone. Not down... but gone. Seems the host didnt feel like hosting it anymore but didnt warn me so all that information is lost :(

This also breaks parts of the site.
I'll see what I can do... but my intrest was hurt by this. I spent many hours on that forum setting it up and filling it with what info I had. Some posts had well over 400 views.

Friday, March 15, 2002 by TDA
FrikaC has released a special version of FrikBot X for QuakeDC. This new version has a controller friendly menu that lets you play, spawn bots, and select maps without a keyboard. It also has a nice menu driven console and a hack to allow up to 15 bots. (limit 3 bots on the scoreboard still... Its an engine flaw) With the distribution is also the source code so other mod authors can use the menu and/or bot hack in their mods.

If you play QuakeDC or are interested in Quake mods in general you should check it out.

Check FrikaC's website Here
Pick up the mod from this link Download Here

A topic has been started on the DCemu forum Here

The Simpsons Mod
Friday, March 1, 2002 by TDA
The Simpsons mod is finally avalible! This is the mod that many people have asked about. For a long time it was only avalible as warez. I've taken the time to stip out all the Id Software material to bring you this warez free download.

Get it Here

And now for what Dr. Zoidberg hinted at on the DCemu main page.

I've tested Electro's menu (mentioned below) and it works great :) I've made some minor suggestions and I beleave he's going try to work them in this weekend. Soon we'll be able to toss aside our tired, old, dumb Reaper4DC in favor of the fresh, strong, intellegent FrikbotX. As mentioned below, this menu should be able to be adapted to other FrikbotX based mods rather easly... which will give us a whole new world of Quake deathmatch.

An actual release date is not set... but I'll stay on Electro to keep up his work.

JoyMenu 1.2 basic source released (plus more menu news)
Thursday, February 28, 2002 by TDA
Not much news on the QuakeDC front lately... until now!

(to repeat what was posted by Dr. Zoidberg on DCemu's main page)

Fragger has released the source to a basic version of JoyMenu 1.2, which is a QuakeDC mod that adds some enhancements to the game such as not needing a keyboard to be able to play it properly, new cheats etc.:

"Released the JoyMenu 1.2 basic source. JoyMenu 1.2 will be released soon. It will take time for me to release the final version, so I decided to release a basic version first. The full source release is still scheduled to be released with the final version."

The current source code & earlier versions of JoyMenu can be downloaded from The Fragger's Place.

On a similar note...

I've been in contact with a QuakeC coder called Electro.
Actually I've worked with him on a previous mod...

He has developed a menu that (at this point) is spacificly coded for use with FrikbotX based mods. I have a finished example of the code on my hard drive right now but need sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to look at it and test DC compatablity. It should work... but Electro doesnt have a Dreamcast to do his own testing with.

Grand reOpening!
Tuesday, January 29, 2002 by TDA
Welcome to the newly reopened QuakeDev website!

We have a bunch of new tutorials.
And we have a new QuakeDC spacific forum. This forum is ment for you to post what mods and maps you've tried, how well they work, and where to get them. Its also a place for people to talk about developing new mods and maps for QuakeDC. This new forum is not meant as a replacement for the QuakeDev forum on DCemu... but more as an extention of it.

Dont think this is the end... More tutorials will come and more tested and "soon to be released" mods are on the way.

Special thanks to Smartmlp[DBH] for the new forum and for server space which will soon be used as a mirror for this site.

If you have anything to contribute feel free to contact me via email(ICQ), or eather of the forums.

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