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Needed Tools

Useful tools

Selfboot Toolkits

Required Files   File Size
QuakeDC Two 5MB
1 3.7MB rars
The distribution of QuakeDC available here is only the 1st_read.bin, IP.BIN, Midway_1.exe, and WinCE Directory. Quake for PC Full version or Shareware required to play.
Quake for PC Shareware   8.54MB
Shareware is only needed if you do not own the full version of Quake. You can purchase the full version from Id Software's website.  

Needed Tools   File Size
PakExplorer 84KB
This is required if you want to add mods to QuakeDC. It is a .pak file editor for Quake 1 and most Quake 2 engine based games. Any .pak editor will work but our tutorials are written with this application in mind..  

Useful Tools   File Size
StudioMDx 306KB
A Quake 1 and 2 model editor. This is very useful if you are working with mods to see what a model looks like before you replace it or use it to replace an original. It could also be used to make/edit models for your own mod.  
QME Lite   1.4MB
Shareware version of a popular Quake model editor. Being shareware you cannot save a model with more than 20 frames of animation. The full version is no longer available.  

Selfboot ToolKits   File Size
These toolkits are just two examples of the many variations available. If you don't like either of these you can find many others on the net.
This kit creates a selfboot disc using the standard Audio-Data format using cdrecord. This method is compatible with most all Dreamcasts made before Oct. 2000  
DSSBS Final    
This kit creates a selfboot disc using the bin2boot method. It can create an image for use with Discjuggler (.cdi) or Nero (.nrg) This method is compatible with all Dreamcasts made before Oct. 2000 and some of the later models.  

Boot Disc   File Size
Utopia Boot disc (cdi)    
This disc is needed to boot your nonselfboot copies of QuakeDC or any nonselfboot emulator.  
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