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QuakeDC related
Dreamcast Quake
[ Ajay Homer's Dreamcast Quake site. It offers info, screenshots, and even video of some mods that work on Dreamcast.]

The DCQuake Modeling Crew
[ Good Idea. But no word on any projects. They have not updated in several months]

Fragger's QuakeDev Site
[ The home of the Makaqu / nxMakaqu engine and the JoyMenu mod. ]

General Quake News
[ Not 100% Quake exclusive... but the guys there keep pretty good tabs on the scene. Often better then PlanetQuake. ]


[ If you havent heard of PlanetQuake then you know dont know jack about Quake mods... This site is hated or abused by many of the people deep in the scene for various reasons... but theres no denying they have done a lot for the community ]

[ Another source for news, info, links, and more for Quake1. Not kept all that up to date but very nice... ]

Map Sources

(this is not a definative list of sources)

[ TeamShambler have been reviewing singleplayer Quake maps for a long time. Shambler recently retired from map reviewing. TeamFern (link below) has continued where Shambler left off]

[ TeamFERN has taken over where TeamShambler left off reviewing the newest singleplayer Quake levels. ]
[ QMAP calls itself "The FPS Level Design Community" That pretty much says it all. It has links and articles for many of the better Q1 level designers though its not Q1 exclusive. ]

[ Another map site that isnt exclusive to Q1 but its deffenatly worth listing. Here you'll find reviews of many maps for differant games (of course includeing Quake 1) ]

Single Player Quake
[ SPQ Level Heaven was shut down back in '98... The site is still there just not updated anymore. It is still a pretty good place to go for single player maps. ]

[ Ramshackle is another map archive that has been closed for awhile. They reviewed a lot of sites before they closed their doors. Now its just a permanent archive. ]

Multiplayer Quake

[ Mutliplayer Quake is another review site... but there you can submit your own reviews and see what other "regular" quake players thought at the same time. No longer will we have to rely on one or two people to do a good review. ]

[ Calling itself "Your Archive to the Classic" it has reviews and such for mods, maps, and more for Quake. All their maps have been vised to take advantage of transparent water.] Archive
[ Basicly most everything that was once on ]

[ Aadrdappel is a hell of a Map maker. He's not got many maps released but they are truly High Quality work ]

Fat Controller's Quake Map Shed
[ You'd think with a name like that He'd have a ton of maps... What he does have is definitely worth having. He has some good tools available for download too. ]

The Grey Void
[ Where CSG host his released maps... and believe it or not some of his unreleased maps too. He seems to specialize in Single Player maps. ]

Tyrann's Nevermore
[ Tyrann's home for his work. This is the guy who released the (somewhat) famous "Moonlight Assault" and "Eternal Dismemberment Complex" He has also released is own version of Light and Vis for other map makers to use ]


Mod sources
(this is not a definative list of sources)

[ The source for bot information... If theres a bot for quake one thats been publicly released you can most likely find it here. ]

[ A short list of mods from Inside3D ]

[ A short list of mods avalible from/through PlanetQuake ]

[ Calling itself "Your Archive to the Classic" it has reviews and such for mods, maps, and more for Quake ] Archive

[ Basicly most everything that was once on ]

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