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How to add maps (quick)
by TheDumbAss

This method requires you to have a keyboard. It is the quickest simplest way you can do it. This tutorial is overly detailed so any newbie should be able to fallow it.

Full version of Quake
and maps to add.
1. open PakExplorer and chose File/NewPak

2. Save the pak to your QuakeDC ID1 Directory
(Directory where your setting up your QuakeDC for burning)

Pay attention to how many pak files you have. If you just have the full version you'll have pak0.pak and pak1.pak. Some mods may have others as well.

Name your pak one number higher then whats in ID1. (In this case pak2.pak)

3. Choose File/New Folder...

4. Right click the new folder and select Rename

5. Rename it to 'maps'

6. Now in Windows Explorer select the maps you wish to add then Right Click and select Copy

7. Go back to PakExplorer and double click the map folder. Right Click and choose paste.

8. Your maps are there (I've included the txt files for future referance)
Delete the temp.tmp file (its not needed)

9. Choose File/Close
Then reopen the pak, check that its contents are correct and close again.

Write DCQ to a cd-r as you normally would.

NOTES: It seems QuakeDC doesnt like and normally will not load (crashes) when loading maps 1.4MB and larger. Do not use maps that size or larger... Some maps may run slow or have missing textures. If you find maps that are not compatable that are less than 1.4MB please report them on the QuakeDev forum.

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