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Copyright Notice

The QuakeDC engine is a creation by Titanium Studios based on the the source code for Quake by Id Software.

Quake and the Quake 'Q' are copyright Id Software.
QuakeDC (is probably) copyright Titanium Studios.
WinCE is a copyright Microsoft.
Sega, Dreamcast, and the Dreamcast logo are copyright Sega Inc.

All Quake modifications mentioned on this site are copyright their original author unless the author says otherwise in their distributions.

DCemu's QuakeDev, its logo's, layout, and content copyright TheDumbAss unless otherwise noted.

We do not condone illegal (warez or abandonwarez) distributions of the full version of Quake or QuakeDC, (I.E. a distribution that includes the pak1.pak file) or any of the add ons released commercially for Quake. (Scourge of Armagon, Malice, X-Men TC, etc)

DCemu's QuakeDev is not associated with Disclaimer Site design and mantainance

Sega, Id Software, or Titanium Studios.

Copyright notice by TheDumbAss