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QuakeDev is not licensed by or associated with Sega, Microsoft, Id Software, or Titanium Studios.

The QuakeDC engine is a port by Titanium Studios based on the GPL source for Quake as released by Id Software. This port was only officially available to licensed WinCE for Dreamcast developers. It was 'leaked' to the public and the rest is history.

Because of the fact QuakeDC was leaked and that it requires the WinCE directory from a ripped official Dreamcast game it is considered warez by some people. But the companies most likely to make this a legal issue (I.E. Titanium Studios and Id Software) have made their knowledge of DCemulation's possession and distribution known. They have also indirectly said "We don't care" Id Software did have the stipulation that the full version of Quake could not be distributed but that the shareware was ok. Microsoft and Sega should be aware of and its distribution of QuakeDC but have taken no action.

That said...
We are not responsible for what you do with the information and files found on this site. Dont come crying to us if some day Sega, Microsoft, Id Software, or Titanium Studio's lawyers come knocking on your door. I'd guess they probibly wont though...

Do not distribute the full version of Quake under any circumstances. Doing so is illegal. For those who believe Quake is 'abandonware' it is not. You can still buy it from Id Software... just as you can buy any of their older games. (Including the Commander Keen series I believe) Abandonware is still illegal anyway.

DO NOT contact us or anyone at DCemu about where to download the full version of QuakeDC or selfboot images of the full version. DO NOT contact us about where you can get the full version of quake. If you do you MAY get a reply saying simply

DCemu's QuakeDev is not associated with Disclaimer Site design and mantainance

Sega, Id Software, or Titanium Studios.

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