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Getting started with QuakeC

If you've never programmed anything before but can follow simple directions you can still learn to code for Quake. If you have programmed in C or C++ or similar languages it'll be a snap to pick up QC.

Coding newbie or seasoned pro just new to QC you should check the document on this page

To actually start coding you'll need the sourcecode and a QC compiler. There are many versions of each available. For the beginner the basic ID 1.06 source should be used since its compatible with all the available tutorials. The compiler I recommend is FrikQCC available from here If your an advanced coder you'll want to check the QC optimizations section to make your source a bit smoother and efficient.

Here's a few links for the newbie coders...

Getting Started with Inside3D
[ The basics for the newbie coder ]

Inside3D's QC tutorials
[ Good collection of tutorials ]

QC Extreme
[ Even though its no longer updated it is still an excellent source for quakeC info. While your there check out his mods and maps. ]

AI Cafe
[ Ever felt like making your own bot? This is a good place to start. Coffee has his simple "tutorbot" there and tutorials to show you how to improve it to meet your needs ]

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