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Instructions for adding a new session to a
NONselfboot QuakeDC disc with EZCD Creator

Written By: TheDumbAss

1. First you need to make sure you have EZCD installed and working.

2. Go ahead and prepair the pak file(s) your going to add/replace. In this case I'll be replacing my pak2.pak I use to hold my extra maps with a new pak2.pak with more maps.

3. Open EZCD Creator (I'm using 4.0)

>When its menu pops up select Data CD.

4. With EZCD opened it should be ready for a new disc layout. Instead we're going to import an old session.
  > Click CD and chose Import Session.
If it gives an error it's probibly that your disc was not left writeable on your last burn.

> Then highlight the last session on the disc and click Import.

>That should put your last burned session in the CD layout. Every file should have a small gray box next to it. This indecates that the file is already burned to the disc.

5. Now browse in EZCD to the directory with your new/replacement pak file. Also in your CD layout area open the ID1 directory.
  > Select the pak(s) your want to add to QuakeDC.

> Then drag and drop them into the disc layout. If the file(s) already exist select Yes to All

> You'll notice the file(s) you added/replaced dont have the little gray box next to them.

>That done your ready to burn!

6. Click Create CD

7. Before you click 'OK'
  > If you want to come back and burn more onto the disc later you'll want to check 'Close Session and Leave CD Open'

8. Click OK and Burn it! When its done put the Utopia boot disc in your DC. Wait for the reindeer then put in your new QuakeDC disc. Should load right up!

(if it locks up after showing the titanium studios logo you messed up editing the paks somewhere)

Copyright Jan 2002 TheDumbAss
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Copyright notice by TheDumbAss