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Instructions for burning QuakeDC multisession
NONselfboot with Nero

Written By: TheDumbAss

1. First you need to make sure you have Nero installed and working.

2. Copy your QuakeDc files to a temp directory e.g.: c:/quakedc
If your wanting to use a mod then you should set it up and drop the edited pak files into the ID1 directory.
  > you should have the following files:

/id1 .................. ..<--- Folder
/WinCE . .............<--- Folder

> within the Id1 folder, there are 2 files: pak0.pak and pak1.pak (maybe more if your wanting to use a mod)
> In the WinCE folder is all the WinCE .dlls and stuff.

3. Open Nero burning rom (I'm using

>If this pops up click 'Close Wizard'

4. Now click the compile new disc button.

> Choose CD-ROM (ISO) and Start Multisession disk (if you need to)

5. Click the 'File Options' tab
  > Select the options as depicted below....

> If you want you can click the 'Volume Descriptor' tab and change the Volume Label.
(the name Windows will show if you put it in your CDROM)

6. Click the 'New' button

7. Browse to where your QuakeDC files are in the File Browser
  > Highlight all the files (as Shown)

> Drag and drop them into ISO box
(should be on the left)

8. Click the WRITE CD button ( The cd on fire icon ) and select the following.

> You can chose Simulation if you want to test burn first.
> You can choose Finalize CD if you want no further burning possible.
(Not recommended... If this is what you want you should just Selfboot instead)
> Write Speed can be whatever your comfortable with... Remember the faster the speed the higher the likelihood of errors.

9. Click the Write button.
  > Wait for the disc to burn.
> Load the Utopia Boot disc in your Dreamcast
> Insert your QuakeDC disc when prompted

If the disc locks up just after showing the Titanium Studios logo you messed up preparing your pak files. If it locks up while loading a demo or during game then there are probably problems with the mod your trying to use.

Copyright Jan 2002 TheDumbAss
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Sega, Id Software, or Titanium Studios.

Copyright notice by TheDumbAss