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Running "Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon" under DCQuake.
By Chis

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Check out my Quakebert mod here:
or my homepage here (music etc...):
1. Make a fresh install of DCquake.
2. Add PAK1.PAK from registered quake to the ID1 directory inside DCQuake.
3. Rename the Armagon PAK0.PAK to PAK2.PAK, and also add it to the ID1 dir.
4. Check PAK0.PAK is NOT read-only, then open it in PAKExplorer (or whatever)... and delete all the files in the root directory except the three demos.

The files to delete should be as follows: DEFAULT.CFG,

These also appear in PAK2.PAK, and DCQuake will use those instead (as they contain vital info to get Scourge working).
5. Rename the DEMO1/DEMO2/DEMO3 .DEM files to HIPDEMO1.DEM, HIPDEMO2.DEM etc... then close and save the PAK file.
6. Open PAK2.PAK (making sure it isn't read-only), and delete all the HIPDEMO files except the smallest (HIPDEMO2.DEM). Rename HIPDEMO2.DEM to HIPDEMO4.DEM
7. Close and save the pak file.

Write DCQ to a cd-r as you normally would.

NOTES: Only issue is the demos, you'll see the three standard demos, then one of the Hipnotic demos. So, why all the fuss with the demos? DCQuake (Titanium's January 2000 release) has a demo size limit. The four you're left with after following the above points are all under the 200kb mark, but I burned my copy with the four HIPDEMOs... and DCQ doesn't like 1, 3 and 4 since they're so large. 2 should be fine as it's about the same size as the stdquake dems.

Why is this an issue? It isn't really, unless a mod uses lots of long demos. i.e. movies and speedruns. So don't expect to see any of em on dcquake any time soon unless someone gets their finger out of their arse and releases the dcquake sources...

But anyways, Scourge is a quality mod, and is worth taking an extra cd-r for.


Copyright 2001 Chis
(used by permission)

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